My learning from Vipasana …

We humans ignore and do not appreciate importance of Meditation in our life

  • till the time life do not shake and tell us …
  • till the time we are on the verge of collapse….
  • till the time things go out of our hands…

I heard many times that each and every incident in our life teaches us something. Sometimes things are meant to change our lives beyond our imagination… and I am fortunate to have experienced such life changing incident…


In the month of December 2017, I undertook the challenge of learning Vipasana in a Thai Buddhist Temple in Hat Yai (Thailand)… (to tell you the truth, I was running away from my problems instead of facing them. My purpose of going for Vipasana was to learn something which could help me manage my problems of materialistic world, cross hurdles of my day to day life and sort out my relations and work life balance etc. etc.).

In temple life was very simple, but close to nature. I was living with bare minimum facilities. VIPASANA gave me a 180 degree turn, my thought process changed, my perception towards myself and people changed, my approach towards life changed, I started understanding other people’s point of view, started taking responsibility of my actions and non-actions as well and many other changes happened within me.

During my stay in temple, I underwent a strict routine involving community service and long hours of insight meditation, which made me a stronger person mentally and brought me at peace. My mind, which was filled with innumerable futile thoughts and used to wander here and there, actually became composed and concentrated. Now, I am at more rest and feel a sense of contentment and calmness. I do not feel anxiety or stress.

Vipasana helped me understand true nature of life and it became clear to me that WE ALL ARE ONE and our life energy emanate from same power source. I strongly believe that we are nothing but manifestations of same supernatural power called God. There is no difference in me and you, and it is at this point that it becomes easy to accept difference of opinion of others and understand the things and people.

Biggest learning – MY EGO IS NOT ME.

During Vipasana I experienced and understood that Me and my Ego are two distinct personalities. I will explain this with an example. In a day I play multiple roles like mother, daughter, boss, subordinate, colleague, friend, sister etc. etc. It is pertinent to understand that at a given point of time we have as many Egos as many Roles we play.

Ego is our biggest enemy and it stops us from staying happy. To be in a happy state we need to understand the nature of Ego and learn ways to keep it separate from us.

To give you an example, when my boss scolds me for anything, I do not get angry or feel bad. At that point of time, I do not let wounded ego of subordinate to overpower me. Rather I tell myself that boss is not scolding me but to the subordinate which is only a role I am playing at that point of time. I am not just an employee but I am a spiritual being and employee is only one role I am playing. By thinking in such a manner, I am able to distinguish my Ego from the ego of employee who has just been scolded. This is the tendency of hurt Ego to make you feel bad, because a hurt Ego needs continuous soothing. It will make you feel vindictive. But the moment you detach yourself from that vindictive Ego, it cannot harm you or your inner peace.

Similarly, for other roles we play, things always do not go the way we want them, and in such a situation the wounded Ego of that very particular Role will try to overpower you. This wounded Ego will blame other person for your unhappiness, will make you feel sorry for yourself, will prompt you to take revenge and make you angry for other person.

Whenever this happens, maintain calmness, think mindfully, breathe deeply, feel your soul and do not listen to the wounded Ego which want you to react immediately. RISE ABOVE THE EGO. The moment you understand your true nature, you will rise above the Ego and will learn to be happy in every situation.

Hope you will find this articles helpful. I am open to hear from you, write to me if you have questions or anything to share about your Vipasana experience.

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    awesome jouney from Me to Myself

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